Glacier National Park

When you purchase a home in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, you can take advantage of the wealth of outdoor recreational activities all around you. No matter what sort of outdoor adventures you seek, from hiking and fishing, to camping and bird watching, you will find the perfect activity to occupy your free time in Bozeman. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can spend exciting weekends at Glacier National Park.

With over 1,000,000 acres of pristine wildlife, Glacier National Park is the perfect spot for nature lovers to enjoy unspoiled forests, meadows, and animals. The goal of the park is to preserve the natural habitats of over 70 species of mammals and 260 species of birds. As one of the largest intact ecosystems in the United States, Glacier National Park offers hikers the chance to explore 700 miles of trails to get the ultimate natural experience.

Containing over 350 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, Glacier National Park is the perfect weekend escape. In 1995, the park was designated as a World Heritage Site to promote the conservation of this spectacular landscape. A fantastic place to take children to encourage learning about nature, Glacier National Park rests a couple of hours north of Bozeman, making a weekend, or week long, trip feasible and enjoyable.

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