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Missouri Headwaters State Park

Just over 30 miles down the road from Bozeman, the little town of Three Forks has a quiet following and for a good reason. Just out of reach of the busy pace of Bozeman, Three Forks maintains its small-town charm and pleasant warmth. The views are spectacular, the vibe, relaxed. Families, retirees, and young couples all love the space to roam, and the plethora of activities suitable for all ages.

Headwaters Trail System

This paved network of trails running along the former Milwaukee Railroad bed takes you through the town to Missouri Headwaters State Park. Plans call for the path to eventually continue to Manhattan, Montana. The project initially cost $1,000,000, made possible by donations and grant funding. That effort alone says a lot about…

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The name itself seems to be an oxymoron; the rolling farmlands of this piece of paradise far removed from the bustle of the crowded city so notably associated with the name. Just 20 miles from Bozeman, the pace of life slows; people stop to chat at the post office and grocery store, catching up on one another’s news. The community is small and tight-knit; just over 1800 residents who genuinely take care of one another. It’s the kind of town where your word matters, really matters.

Initially set up for the malting industry in the 1890s, a significant number of Dutch people had settled in the area to provide labor. Generations later, these area farmers now grow potatoes and wheat and raise cattle for beef and dairy products. Each August, the town…

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Three Forks, Montana, is perfect for those who enjoy living a bit on the fringe. Just far enough to be removed from the city bustle, but close enough to indulge the need for a city-fix when it comes along. The wide-open area is excellent for outdoor lovers and families who want a little slower pace of life. Locals joke that the stoplights are always green in Three Forks. Why? Because there are no stoplights! Are you wondering if this small town is right for you? Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions to help you get a feel for it.

What is there to do in Three Forks?

The short answer? Plenty. Three state parks surround the town, Missouri Headwaters State Park, Madison Buffalo Jump, and Lewis and Clark Caverns. Missouri Headwaters, seated at…

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