Manhattan, Montana: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Emily Coombs on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 at 3:33pm.

The greater area of Manhattan, Montana, just 20.5 miles from Bozeman, is drawing much attention from those looking to live in a smaller town or a rural area. It's a nice balance of a tight-knit community with plenty of room to roam and yet close to all the outdoor recreation Bozeman enjoys. In addition, it's a haven of quiet, just a short jaunt from the amenities provided by a larger city. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions, but don't hesitate to give us a call; we would love to chat more!

Is Manhattan, Montana, a good place to live?

Yes, Manhattan, MT is a great place to live for those who prefer a small, community-oriented town. You'll find full bleachers at school sports games, and the whole town shows up for events such as the annual Potato Festival in August and the Christmas Stroll in December. Plus, it's close to Missouri Headwaters State Park and the Headwaters Trail System, a paved network of trails from Three Forks to Manhattan that runs along the Old Milwaukee Railroad corridor.

Is Manhattan, Montana safe?

Very safe. The town covers an area of fewer than two miles, and the greater area focuses on farming (which means many people are in bed at a decent hour!) Plus, local crime is 72 percent lower than the national average.

What is Manhattan, Montana Known for?

Manhattan, Montana, is mainly known for its rich agricultural heritage, producers of seed potatoes, wheat, dairy, and beef. It's also home to Sir Scott's Oasis, one of Montana's beloved steak houses.

What is the Manhattan Potato Festival?

A big deal. Each August, the community comes together to celebrate friends, family, and farmers. The day starts with a fireman’s breakfast, followed by a parade, food and craft vendors, a fun run, street dance, and potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes!

 How big is Manhattan, Montana?

As of 2022, the population is 2,158, growing at a rate of 4% each year. The town has grown 41.97% since the 2010 census, which recorded 1,520 residents.

What is the weather like in Manhattan, Montana? 

Temperatures typically range from 12 degrees to 86 degrees, rarely dropping below -7 degrees or above 95 degrees. As a result, the summers are short, warm, and dry, and the winters are cold and snowy. However, the snow doesn't tend to accumulate as much in Manhattan as it does in neighboring Bozeman.

What is there to do in Manhattan, Montana?

Plenty. Missouri Headwaters State Park is close, where the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers come together to form the Missouri River. Fishing, boating, and swimming are all popular pastimes. Hunting is a popular sport, and the Copper City Trails, close to Three Forks, is an excellent place for biking, no matter your ability.

What are the schools like in Manhattan, Montana?

There are two options for schools, the K-12 public schools or Manhattan Christian, a faith-based private K-12 school that has been in existence for over 105 years!

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