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Real Estate Blog - It’s been a long week, and now you’re spending your weekend house hunting, running from one open house to another. You’re tired but still hopeful as you step into yet another home, only to be greeted with a command: Take off your shoes. What gives?

It might sound like a ridiculous request, but it’s not. Sellers have good reasons to make their open houses shoeless, but they should also take care not to offend buyers in the process.

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505 Views, 0 Comments - So you didn’t buy a house last year. That’s OK—you haven’t missed the boat yet on low mortgage rates or a healthy inventory of homes. In many ways, 2015 is a great time to buy a home, not the least of which is for certain tax breaks.

Here’s how you could enjoy three significant tax benefits if you purchase a home this year.

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517 Views, 0 Comments - When it comes to luxurious living, location is the crown jewel of home ownership. But which high-end amenities offer a return on investment — and should therefore be considered — and which don’t?

Strong curb appeal

Everyone wants a nicely manicured lawn and attractive landscaping, but going overboard with extras such as complex water features, animal-shaped hedges or a jungle-themed entryway is not universally appealing, and could be detrimental to your home’s value.

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504 Views, 0 Comments - It’s getting more expensive to buy a house. Prices rose 6% in the fourth quarter of 2014 as buyers competed for fewer and fewer available homes for sale, according to new data from the National Association of Realtors®.

The NAR report shows most cities (86%) are experiencing rising prices, with fewer available homes to choose from. Just 24 cities, or 14%, recorded lower median prices in 2014 than in 2013.

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507 Views, 0 Comments - In romantic movies, the girl goes for the pompous jerk with millions of dollars while the sweet, caring guy does all the little things right. Winning over a seller can be like that common rom-com trope. But in this case, you don’t necessarily have to have the most money. And you don’t have to send roses or plan a meet-cute to get to closing day.

So how do you woo the seller of your dream home? We consulted several Realtors® and industry professionals to figure out the best ways to win a seller’s heart without throwing in more cash.

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492 Views, 0 Comments - If you’re anything like us, you’ve been obsessed this week with the New York Times’ series on the shadowy oligarchs who’ve been buying up New York luxury real estate behind the facades of more than 200 shell companies. 

These are not the kinds of people everyone has living next door (unless you live in theTime Warner Center, where condos can run to, say, $68 million), but that doesn’t mean you can’t play investigator in your own neighborhood: Who took over that gorgeous Victorian in need of TLC? Who lives in that fourth-floor apartment where the lights are always—always!—on? You can find these answers relatively easily, using some of the same tools the Times’ reporters did during their yearlong probe. It all depends on how much money—and

470 Views, 0 Comments - Put these four tasks on your to-do list for a quick and painless sale.

Selling a home doesn’t happen overnight. To maximize your sale price, stand out from the competition and sell quickly, your home needs to go on the market in tip-top condition.

Prepping the home rarely happens in one weekend. It takes time and thoughtful planning. If you intend to sell your home this spring, here are a few steps you need to take now.

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541 Views, 0 Comments - When you’re selling your home, it is natural to assume that anything you can safely remove is yours to keep—like the light fixtures you painstakingly cleaned and repaired, or the appliances you bought last year—but the buyer may want some of those items, too.

Rather than keep everything, you should decide what you can keep and what you should leave as a way to entice buyers into making an offer. Here’s what you should consider:

What stays with the house?

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498 Views, 0 Comments - As we all know, home is where the heart is—whether it’s a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion. Here are six ways to show your home some affection.

1. Bring home a pretty present. You can go for the classic red roses, or any simple or elaborate bouquet. Use the flowers to brighten a main room or split them up among tiny vases placed throughout your home. You could also consider a throw pillow or a stylish vase. If your budget can accommodate something a little bigger, consider replacing an appliance or splurging on a dramatic new piece of art.

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610 Views, 0 Comments - Love the romance of leaded glass windows, intricate gingerbread trim and elaborate fireplace mantels? Consider these factors before you buy the historic home of your dreams.

Some home buyers want new, modern and move-in ready. Others prefer older homes, with character and charm they can’t find in new construction. If you’re interested in historic homes, take these factors into consideration as you shop.

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