Elyn Messner

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Elyn Messner

When Elyn moved to Montana 20+ years ago, she knew that she had found her home. The people, the views, the opportunities for recreation, what's not to love? As life does sometimes, it took her away for a number of years but she always dreamt of coming back, coming home.

She finally found her way back to the place she loves and is thrilled to call Bozeman home, this time for good. And, what better way to embrace and share all that this area has to offer than to help others to call it home too?

Elyn understands the emotional aspect of purchasing a home and considers it a privilege to be a part of your process in doing so. She's been a licensed Realtor for nearly 20 years, having held licenses previously in TN, WV, SC, WI and MT. She prides herself on building meaningful relationships with her clients and views going above and beyond as an intrinsic part of that process.

Elyn's passion and enthusiasm for all things Montana is evident in her everyday interactions. When she's not selling real estate, she can be found tracking down waterfalls with her 2 sons and chasing sunsets. She enjoys painting, repurposing furniture, and playing outdoors with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Mercy, and Cockapoo, Bing.

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Office Phone 406-587-8832
Cellphone 406-220-9977