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Bart Manion

"Bart was very helpful in helping us sell our commercial real estate property in Bozeman. He made critical city official introductions that helped us close the deal on time, he provided a collection of comparable sales in the area that gave guidance to our value, and was always there willing to provide a helpful hand. While new as an agent in real estate, Bart came with years of relationships within the community that proved useful. Thank you for your help!"

Bart and his wife came through Bozeman in 1994 on their honeymoon and never left. As with most visitors to Bozeman, Bart and his wife were awestruck by the scenic mountain vistas surrounding the city and the welcoming character of the community. Bart is the proud father of 2 grown sons and a very appreciative husband of 28 years to the bride he came to Bozeman with.

Bart worked as a professional hydrologist for two engineering firms in Bozeman for the first 12 years, becoming very involved with water resource-based community organizations and projects as a board member and consultant. Organizations and projects focused on issues regarding water quality and water conservation in Gallatin County. After the recession of 2005 Bart began a commercial construction company specializing in commercial historic restoration. Numerous commercial buildings in downtown Bozeman and throughout Gallatin County were restored and given a new life by Bart and his company, Manion Construction.

Bart’s interest in real estate began when he initiated an eight-townhome development on his homestead in Bozeman. The project proceeded through a Planned Unit Development (PUD) process. Development rights for the project were eventually transferred to another project that was under development by Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. The transfer of development rights (TDR) was the first private TDR transaction to occur in Bozeman.

Over the years Bart has organized 2 community cleanup events on Bozeman Creek, was awarded several historic building restoration awards from the city of Bozeman, and has been involved in several complicated real estate development projects.

As a homeowner who has bought and sold personal properties over the years Bart understands that buying or selling a piece of property can be an emotional experience. This motivates Bart to draw on his experience of being able to think outside the box and his ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved with the purchase or sales transaction. Most importantly Bart will work with great determination to provide services that hopefully exceed his client’s expectations of great service and bountiful results.

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