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Tagged : Three Forks Real Estate News

Found 10 blog entries tagged as "Three Forks Real Estate News". - You don’t usually find clearance sales on real estate. But the last two years are beginning to look like the deal of a lifetime for anybody who bought a home.

That dynamic may now be changing as home prices surge by double-digits, interest rates rise and the whole housing bust recedes into the past. The latest sign that the buyer’s market is ending is a convincing improvement in foreclosures. Sales of foreclosed homes now account for about 12% of home sales, according to research firm FNC. That’s down from 17% a year ago and 37% in 2009, the low point of the housing bust. At the current pace, foreclosures will fall back to typical pre-recession levels within a year or so, signaling something like a return to a normal housing market.

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housekeys_voronin_450A real estate agent can often help you sell your home faster, and get a better price than if you try to do it on your own. But to get the best deal possible on your home, you’ll want to hire a real estate agent that’s a good fit for you and your property. Here’s what you need to know before you hire someone to sell your home.

1. Find someone local 2.  Ask for references  3.  Check their workload  4.  Make sure they sell houses like yours  5. What's the timeline  6.  Ask about fees  7.  Are they part of the MLS?  

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556 Views, 0 Comments - Key fixed-rate mortgages held steady this week, remaining near two-year highs. The previous rise in rates has caused a decline in the number of applications for U.S. home loans as home buyers continue to hold out for lower rates. Despite the recent uptick — key fixed-rate mortgages spiked by nearly half a percentage point in late June – rates remain low by historical standards.

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682 Views, 0 Comments - In hot markets where bidding wars are common, the property-appraisal process has been short-circuiting transactions, spurring some would-be buyers to walk away.

A few forces are at work. First, many homes are being appraised at a lower price than what buyers have offered on a house. That is because home values are improving so fast in competitive, high-priced markets that "comps," recent sales of nearby homes with comparable characteristics, haven't kept up. When the appraisal comes in low, the buyers either lose the loan or must quickly make up the difference with a higher down payment.

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601 Views, 0 Comments - When you buy a new house, it seems like there are a million moving pieces and thousands of documents that need your signature. But how closely did you pay attention when you chose your home insurance policy? 

Paula Pant, founder of, a money management website, says that most people gloss over their policy and either end up paying more than they need or simply not enough.

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521 Views, 0 Comments - If your credit is damaged, with a FICO score from 620 to 680, you'll have trouble getting a mortgage. If it's poor – 580 to 620 – more trouble. If it is toxic – below 580 – you're looking at a real struggle.

And yet, it can be done, under the right conditions, and with the right lender and loan officer helping you.

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613 Views, 0 Comments - Thanks to a sharp increase in home prices last quarter, 2.5 million more mortgage borrowers no longer owe more on their homes than they are worth, according to CoreLogic.

By the end of June, 7.1 million, or 14.5%, of mortgage borrowers remained underwater on their loans compared with 9.6 million, or 19.7%, at the end of the first quarter. In late 2009, during the worst of the housing market's meltdown, 26% of all borrowers were underwater.

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384 Views, 0 Comments - The Obama administration wants to create a mortgage market that is more forgiving toborrowers who lost their homes due to the recession, an effort that could widen the pool of potential homeowners.

A recent rule change lets certain borrowers who have gone through a foreclosure, bankruptcy or other adverse event—but who have repaired their credit—become eligible to receive a new mortgage backed by the Federal Housing Administration after waiting as little as one year. Previously, they had to wait at least three years before they could qualify for a new government-backed loan.

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699 Views, 0 Comments - After a short-lived dip, mortgage rates have started edging higher again.

Rates on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages reached an average of 4.57% this week -- up from 4.51% last week, according to mortgage giant Freddie Mac. And 15-year fixed rates were an average of 3.59%, up from 3.54%.

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househill_sellingpix_450Builders are facing rising lot prices due to a shortage in suitable lots, and the rising costs will likely get passed on to buyers of new homes. 

The average price of a finished lot suitable for building was up 40 percent in the second quarter compared to a year ago, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s analysis of 27 leading markets. In some places, the increase has been even more. For example, in San Francisco and Oakland, finished lots were up 87 percent; up 75 percent in Atlanta; and up 70 percent in Las Vegas.

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