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Tagged : residential home

Found 2 blog entries tagged as "residential home". - Add a photo, earn an extra few thousand dollars. Adding at least one photo to a residential real-estate listing can up the final sale price by 3.9%.

Photos are already fairly established in listings. Roughly 85% of online listings include photos, says Ken H. Johnson, an associate professor of finance at Florida International University’s Hollo School of Real Estate. But the type of photo matters, he adds.

A few other tips: 1.  Remove large pieces of furniture, 2.  Consider a paint job, 3.  Remember the front door, 4.  Look for details,  5.  Be your own editor.

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709 Views, 0 Comments - In the real estate industry, small improvements - affordable but visible alterations - can have a lasting impact on prospective buyers. As I have written previously, these changes are important in the area of lawn care, where property owners can transform an otherwise ordinary building into an attractive destination. This emphasis on presentation - either for a residential home or a commercial office - can often mean the difference between generating new business and languishing in an already challenging economy.

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