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Tagged : home showing

Found 4 blog entries tagged as "home showing". - Listing agents often argue that in our digital world, open houses are a waste of time. The majority of people who attend are nosy neighbors, ‘looky-loos,’ or other types of tire-kickers. Instead, their argument goes, serious buyers today don’t want to wait for an open house. When someone likes a home’s online photos, he or she will make an appointment to see the property during the week. So is it time to close the book on open houses? Not at all.

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623 Views, 0 Comments - The greatest hindrance to the sale of a home can be a seller who is seized by emotion.  

"It is very important for sellers to (keep) in mind that a real estate transaction is most likely the single largest financial transaction they will ever undertake," says Fiona Dogan, "It should be viewed and handled primarily as a business transaction, with cold, hard decisions being made on a financial and investment basis."

The four mistakes are: 1.  Overpricing.  2.  Going to a showing.  3.  Rejecting early offers. 4.  Don't take offers personally.

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929 Views, 0 Comments - Here’s a hot list of cool moves that make your home more saleable, at a higher price.

Capitalize on first impressions: sweep, clean, paint, check lightbulbs. Pump up curb appeal: pick-up yard, mow and trim yard, put car in garage. Set the stage: organize and de-clutter, bake cookies, put valuables away. Offer informative disclosures, via fact sheets, brochures Be a good neighbor: let neighbors know about open house.


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Clutter is a bummer — literally. New study shows a link between depression and the amount of stuff in your home.

Dishes in the sink, toys throughout the house, stuff covering every flat surface; this clutter not only makes our homes look bad, it makes us feel bad, too

Read this article to find out what researchers have found about clutter and depression. You will also find some tips to declutter your home.

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