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clean_tan4ikk_450Bad smells are one the biggest deal-killers in real estate. If your home smells like pets, mold, smoke or pheromones, you'll repulse buyers. If your home sells at all, it will go for less than it's worth.

It's time to do a dirty job -- identify sources of stinks and deep clean your home.

Since you're living with it, you may be oblivious to your home's smells. Ask your real estate agent to walk with you through your home and not hold back. You need to hear the brutal truth. Does the carpet smell like a puddle-loving dog? Is there moldy smell in your bathroom? To read more of this article, click the link below: Photo:©[Tan4ikk]/123RF.COM
711 Views, 0 Comments - For most people, dust is a housecleaning nuisance. But for those with respiratory ailments or allergies, dust can be a real health threat. I have some tips for reducing dust, so you can spend less time trying to remove it. 

Dust consists of common particles that you really can’t avoid — including flakes of dead skin, hair, pet dander, fibers shed from carpet and clothing, and even dried soil brought in from the outdoors. Start your war on dust by getting in the habit of leaving your shoes near the door and changing to slippers for use indoors. You’d be amazed at how much cleaner this simple step can keep your home. 

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Photo:  ©[tan4ikk]/123RF.COM

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