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Tagged : Debt

Found 2 blog entries tagged as "Debt". - In many real estate markets, there's a lot of talk about cash buyers. These buyers have a reputation for swooping in and "stealing" homes out from under other buyers, simply because someone with cash doesn't need a loan. Regular buyers relying on credit are often intimidated by what appears to be a "lose-lose" situation. They assume that if they need a loan, they can't compete. 

The truth is, someone buying a home with credit can still compete against cash buyers and win. Do you have a 20 percent down payment? Are you well employed? Do you have cash reserves in addition to your down payment? Do you have very little debt? Do you have good credit? If so, your purchase should be as bulletproof as a cash buyer's.

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517 Views, 0 Comments - When you are deciding if you can afford to finance a home it’s important to know how much you can afford in relation to your existing debt obligations. You want to make sure you that what plan to spend each month can work within your existing budget. Lenders will not approve you to take out a loan that could overload you and more importantly you need to make sure that you can pay your bills as well as save for the future and for potential emergencies.

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