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3186madrona_640Ostensibly, a home’s front door is there for one reason and one reason only: to let people come and go while keeping the inside environment secure and separate from the outside. But a front door is so much more than that. It is often the first thing that draws the eye of a passerby or visitor. It also sets the style and mood of your home, welcoming guests with an air of elegance, friendliness, whimsy or warmth.

If your front door is not setting the tone you want, here are some fun, easy and rewarding ways to make it the arresting centerpiece it deserves to be

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698 Views, 0 Comments - It’s spring, which is the traditional start of the home shopping season. And as the housing market heats up and more homes become available, sellers need to do everything they can to stand out.

To help sellers fight the competition, Zillow asked top real estate agents and interior designers nationwide to identify the most valuable home improvements for a quick resale.

1. Curb Appeal 2.  Staging  3.  Invest in Small Home Improvements   4.  De-clutter  5.  Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances

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719 Views, 0 Comments - Most home sellers are eager to garner the highest possible price when they put their home on the market.

 To maximize profits, your home must be in the best possible condition so that buyers compare it favorably to a model home. At the same time, you should minimize the amount of cash you spend.

 A free and essential first step is to pack personal items and eliminate clutter.  1.  Freshen up your Front Door and handles 2.  Make home as brightly lit as possible  3.  Focus on kitchen and bathrooms  4.  Dig in for curb appeal- pull the weeds and add flowers!

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