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Tagged : Buy a Home

Found 5 blog entries tagged as "Buy a Home". -  ‘Tis the season — not just for exchanging gifts and holding festive get-togethers, but also for scoring a great deal on a new home.

In the market for a new home? Here are four reasons to add real estate shopping to your December to-do list.

1.  Bargain prices  2.  Low mortgage rates    3.  Motivated sellers  4.  Tax savings

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626 Views, 0 Comments - While it may be acceptable to snap up a pair of shoes on an impulse, buying a home requires thoughtful planning and decision making.

Whether you’re becoming a homeowner for the first time or you’re a repeat buyer, buying a home is a financial and emotional decision that requires the experience and support of a team of reliable professionals including a Realtor, a lender, a lawyer and a range of other individuals.

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654 Views, 0 Comments - If you're thinking about buying a home soon, you're probably trying to figure out how much money you'll actually need in order to close on a home.

And while a down payment is often the biggest cost that homeowners plan for, there are other fees associated with buying a home that many people often forget about.

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394 Views, 0 Comments - The best time to buy is when market conditions suggest a bottom.

That means there's still some risk for homebuyers, since no one has a crystal ball that predicts the future. To take advantage of low mortgage interest rates and home prices still well below previous records, you may have to take a risk, such as riding out another short-term dip in property values.

But the rewards may be well worth it. Here are five reasons to buy a home right now.

1. More jobs are available   2. Houses are a great hedge against inflation  3. Housing price increases are slowing  4. Mortgage interest rates are still low  5. Pent-up demand ready to release

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396 Views, 0 Comments - At the end of June, mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage jumped to 4.5 percent, up from 3.9 percent on June 1 — and a notable jump from the historically low 3.35 percent monthly average rate toward the end of 2012. However, while higher rates do mean an increase in monthly mortgage payments, experts are urging potential home buyers not to resign themselves to renting for the next few years just yet — it’s still a good time to buy a home.

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